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Dwyer Brick Fences specialise in the construction and repair of brick fences and garages.

We operate throughout Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs, including Bayside suburbs and the Dandenong ranges.

From your initial consultation, right through to the completion of your project, we’re here to make it easy for you to improve your home with stunning brickwork.  With Dwyer Brick Fences, you always get clear communication and a commitment to quality.

Below is a list of services we offer during any construction or repair project.  If you have any questions for us about our services, please call 0403 137 060 or contact us by email.  We look forward to discussing your project!

Brick Fence with Fancy Steelwork in Melbourne
Wood & Steel Fence in Melbourne

Fence or garage design with detailed plans.

Council liaison to gain permits.

The very best bricks and mortar, including recycled bricks.  With a range of styles from different suppliers, there are almost infinite ways to customise the look of your new fence or garage.

Removal of existing brick or timber fences.

High quality concrete pier caps and fence caps.

Letterboxes and numbers / lettering.

Rendering in a range of styles and colours.

Steel inserts and gates.

Electrical wiring for lighting, automatic gates, security and intercoms.

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Premium Fence & Pier Capping

We work closely with Rietmans for our construction and repair projects.  Rietmans concrete fence and pier caps are made to the highest quality right here in Melbourne.  Available in grey, sandstone, bluestone and custom colours.  View the full range of Rietmans fence caps and pier caps below or visit

Rietmans Concrete Pier Caps

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Rietmans Victorian Fence Cap
Rietmans Tuscan Fence Cap
Rietmans Regency Fence Cap
Rietmans Classic Fence Cap
Rietmans Kensington Fence Cap
Rietmans Flat Fence Cap
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Rietmans Victorian Pier Cap
Rietmans Tuscan Pier Cap
Rietmans Regency Pier Cap
Rietmans Victorian Pier Cap
Rietmans Kensington Pier Cap
Rietmans Flat Pier Cap
Rietmans Pier Cap Extension
Rietmans Pier Cap Extension Example
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